Every company has this one big problem.

How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition?

People don't want your products and services,

they want what's possible.

Making Things Happen

As media entrepreneurs, Patrick and Carrie Antrim help brands tell great stories and scale their business with video. Patrick is also a writer for Forbes and a Knowledge Business Coach. He and Carrie produce live stream events, talk shows, courses, trainings, workshops, awards shows, podcasts, masterminds, and more.

The Antrims have been producing the highest-level events within the apartment investors for many years and have always used video as a way to scale their own business and tell their story. Having produced their own live events, Patrick and Carrie understand every aspect of what goes into creating a successful event whether it is in a ballroom with hundreds of people or if it is being streamed worldwide to thousands, or even millions, of viewers.

Patrick recently created a legacy project for Tony Robbins together with Dean Graziosi for the biggest online course launch in history with over 250,000 live attendees and north of 17,000 conversions - grossing north of 33M in sales for the launch. He integrated the vision from Tony and Dean and their company leaders to pull together the partnership, plan the business, establish OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results), structure the course, evaluate technologies, hire consultants, filming segments, develop learning outcomes, customer post sale journey, and lead the software development team to launch day. Patrick and Carrie have had the pleasure to welcome other brands such as Harvey Mackay and Sharon Lechter to their stages, both in-person and virtual.

Carrie is the Co-Founder of Multifamily Women® and has expanded the brand to uncharted territory, offering an educational event that focuses exclusively on women in the multifamily housing industry. Carrie is honored and excited to share this platform with all men and women in the multifamily industry to encourage discussions that will elevate women and their role within the industry while showcasing how they will continue to shape the future of the business itself. Carrie leverages her professional teaching and legal career to produce educational content, events, and to guide the successful operations for EventLab Studios.

Using the most reliable and highest quality equipment and technology, EventLab Studios has produced courses that were years in the making in as little as 5 hours for brands who thought they would never be ready to film. Additionally, EventLab Studios has helped numerous brands transition their former in-person events to fully virtual while maintaining a high standard of production value to keep audiences engaged and excited.

The Antrims have assembled a team of producers, cinematographers, graphic designers, audio technicians, project managers, and copywriters to ensure the success of every single event, no matter how large or small. Patrick and Carrie want to know their work matters. Beginning with their own family, teams, industry, and community.

Patrick Antrim at Tony Robbins' home as part of the pre-launch of Mastermind.com.

Patrick Antrim with Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, and production team on launch day of Mastermind.com.

Harvey Mackay, Carrie and Patrick Antrim backstage at the Multifamily Leadership Summit.

Carrie and Patrick Antrim on stage at the Multifamily Innovation Summit.

Sharon Lechter, the Antrims, Walter & Tiffany Clarke, and Ishan Goel.

Patrick Antrim with Darren Hardy at the High Performance Summit.

What People are Saying

David Cogan

Managing Partner & Founder | Eliances

“Truly an incredible experience. The team at EventLab Studios is spot on regarding their work. We had a very complex event with many moving parts of which they were able to direct and run extremely smooth. The entire team from the owner to all the employees are very professional, knowledgeable, and follows up to all communication. The owner has a lot of experience running events and knows exactly what customers are going through and what their needs are. Many of those who attended the virtual event they put on complemented on how well it was run which was because of the work that EventLab Studios did. They take the stress away from running an event.”

Darleen Santore

Founder & CEO | Performance Meets Purpose

"Truly one of the BEST in the country! I have had the blessing of giving multiple virtual keynote speeches and create an online day course from EventLab Studios and found Patrick and Carrie to be of the utmost professional. They are visionaries who can help you create the best exercise possible. Because they are so good they take the stress off your shoulders so you can focus on delivering your message. Also The venue and technology is top of the line. If it allowed me to give 10 stars I would. Home run!"

Jef Rawls

Corporate Trainer, Speaker, Host

“EventLab Studios has an incredible team that cares about our success and the success of the show. Working with Patrick & Carrie Antrim and the EventLab Studios production team is like working with an entire football organization: Best coaches, effective and efficient quarterback, receivers, blockers, runners, cheerleaders and fans! To just call them Producers would not do them justice. They are leaders. They are strategists. They are insightful. They are influencers. They are getting it done at a level unmatched by anyone I've worked with before!”

The Freemans

Authors, Relationship Experts, Coaches

"If you are in any industry in which you need to reach more people online, there is nowhere else to go. Everyone can do webinars, courses, trainings online with zoom... but EventLab Studios production and capability will have you stand out from the rest. We were able to take our couples workshop that we used to do in person, into a studio experience that kept the same amount of value if not more PLUS now we could reach couples around the world!"

Lindsey Schwartz

CEO | Powerhouse Women

“Thank you for helping the vision of PW2020 come to life! Your whole team was a dream to work with and the event exceeded my expectations on every level. Can’t wait to work together again in the future and create more magic!”

Laurel Zacher

VP | Security Properties Residential

“Highly professional, the team at EventLab Studios turned around our virtual conference with short notice as we moved from an in-person to an online event (thank you 2020). Very easy to work with and turned all of our challenges into opportunities to delight our team. I can't thank them enough.”

workshop mastermind studio arizona

Live Broadcast Events

Whether your event is live in-person, remote, or a hybrid of both, we can broadcast your event to your audience all over the world. Pre-recorded elements, live music, remote speakers, and zoom galleries are all possible with our studio.

film an online course arizona

Online Course Production

All you have to do is show up and teach. You are all set with our 4K cameras, highest quality production software, a 13-foot video wall, teleprompter, and a team devoted to your success. Get your course filmed in as little as a day!

keynote speaker virtual venue

Virtual Keynote Stage

Are you looking to book even more speaking events? With our professional camera switching, excellent audio, and high impact learning stage, look no further. We can even create clips of your keynote for social media.

film a talk show in studio arizona

Talk Shows & Workshops

Has anyone ever told you that you'd be a great talk show host? Have you dreamed of having your own baking show? Can you teach something the world needs to know? You can go live to your audience on a consistent schedule with incredible production value which makes all those YouTube algorithms very happy.

product launch studio arizona

Product Launch

Launch products anytime. No more waiting for event timings. Seriously, Amazon wouldn't do that. Companies now have an option for going green while featuring more of their product line than would fit in their trade show booth. Your potential clients can watch at their leisure without the pressure of having to “pitch” within a short amount of time and with distractions from the trade show floor.

podcast studio arizona

Audio & Video Podcast

Not only can you record your podcast with up to 3 additional guests in our optimized podcast studio, but you can also use the filming studio to create a video podcast to get your content seen and heard by more people around the world. We can produce your podcast from start to finish so all you have to do is show up and talk.

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